Sei Listening and Speaking Lesson

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SEI LESSON PLAN Template for Full Structured English Immersion (SEI) Completion Course (45 hours) Name: | | Proficiency Level: | High Intermediate | Est. time frame to complete lesson | 45 minutes | *School/District: | | ELP Domain and Standard: | ELL Stage III: Grades 3-5 Listening and SpeakingStandard 2: The student will express orally his or her own thinking and ideas. | | Performance Indicator: | HI-4: participating in socio-functional communication tasks using complete sentences. | | | Language Strand(s): | Delivery of Oral Communication | | Key Vocabulary: | directions Definition: An instruction, indication, or order given with authority Context: It is important to give directions…show more content…
The first person to fill in all of their squares without repeating a name wins. Tell students to raise their paper and call out if they think they have won. 7. Give students time to complete their scavenger hunt. Walk around the classroom while students are engaged to make sure everyone is playing fairly and nobody is running. Call time when a student has announced they have finished and have students quietly freeze where they are standing while you check the possible winning sheet. If the student is mistaken, have the class resume the activity. If not, ask students to return to their seats. 8. Discuss the scavenger hunt with students. Who learned something new about their classmates? What did they learn? Why was it important to use good listening skills during the scavenger hunt? Why was it important to use good speaking skills? 9. If time allows, students can practice their reading and listening skills online with interactive stories at this Web site 10. 11. Evaluation: 12. Use the following three-point rubric to evaluate students ' work during this lesson. * Three points: Students were highly engaged in class and group discussions; enthusiastically participated in the scavenger hunt; followed the rules of the scavenger hunt without needing
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