Seiko Watches Consumer Report

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Consumer Profile for Seiko Watches The target consumer for this one-year, 12 month campaign for Seiko Watches is set to consist of affluent U.S. American men and women between the ages of 35-44. Affluence is based on households with an income of at least $85,000. In 2010, there were a total of 118 million households with the average income per household being $49, 445. Of these households, 78 million consisted of family households with the average income being $61,544. Married-couple households constituted 58 million of the total number with an average income of $72,751. Households that include our target age of 35-44 years old have an average income of $61,644 and consist of 21 million households. The total population for the target…show more content…
Television consumption was the highest leisure activity constituting 2.7 hours a day. The second most popular leisure activity consisted of visiting friends and attending or hosting social events. Reading was also one of the activities that people within this age group engaged in. Furthermore, they are busy working professionals who enjoy traveling for leisure and site seeing. Their medium to high level of disposable income allows them to make trips both nationally and internationally. Based on their social status, consumers of Seiko Watches are well aware of their fashion and make most of their clothing and jewelry purchases at high end stores or boutiques. The affluent portion of the consumer population owns automobiles that suggest a high social class. Consumers also enjoy fine dining, often times done on a weekly basis. Based on these demographics and psychographics for our target consumer, media selection can now be decided on to produce successful results for this campaign. Sources 2010 census data. (2010). Retrieved from American time use survey-2010 results. (2011, June 22). Retrieved from Seiko launches a new global campaign to tell the seiko story. (2009, July). Retrieved from
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