Seirin: A Short Story

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Although there were a few creatures at Seirin the most that Kuroko could count was four and the basketball team was the one that managed to snatch up all of them. The first one who Kuroko encountered was a were-beast like Aomine, although Kagami was weaker,Kuroko felt attracted to him for some reason. It took some time but Kuroko managed to earn Kagami’s respect; unfortunately for Kuroko he ended up getting labeled a ghost again. Koganei was a catman (Hombre Gato) who was able to control his true form to a certain extent. Although many people compared him to a cat ,nobody suspected him to be a creature who preys on humans and animals at night. The cat insists that he is preying on rodents and has never eaten a human before. Izuki was a Oozlum
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