Seismic Activities In The United States

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Fracking: Main Cause of Seismic Activity in the Central Parts of the United States and Solutions for the Problems it Created Over the years there has been a multitude of earthquakes, which has been felt across the Great Plains Region in the United States and many other surrounding states. These states that do not normally have seismic activities are experiencing an increase of quakes near oil and natural gas sites. Many of the states that have not felt the seismic activities are now experiencing earthquakes. As a result there has been new research that has been devoted to the effects of hydraulic fracking. Hydraulic fracking is a technique that uses pressurized water to to break apart the shale and extract oil and gas. The fossil fuels that…show more content…
Many experts in this field say that the large number of seismic events in Kansas is directly linked to fracking. Although hydraulic fracking is an old process, it is more widely used today. (Petit, 2015, p. 14) The process that is being used for hydraulic fracking is by using pressurized water to break apart the layer of shale. After the water is removed it is filled with salt and many other minerals which are in the rocks. Once that is done, then the companies will transport it to a waste site. The disposal site can be several hundred or thousands of miles away, depending on where they must dispose wastewater. When the water is being disposed of the wastewater is being put underground in one of the disposal sites. When this is done there are certain regulations that must be followed. There are many scientists that have done research on the link between fracking and earthquakes. “Wastewater disposal, at least in the U.S. has been the primary cause of earthquakes.” as stated by Arthur McGarr. (BOB, n.d., para. 10) There are several people have differing opinions about hydraulic fracking. “The likelihood that induced seismic events will occur in properly, permitted and operated [disposal wells] is very small,” as stated by Edward Cross. (Wayne, 2015, para. 6) The experts in this field still have to determine when hydraulic fracking is the main cause of earthquakes or if the main cause of seismic activity is due to the disposal of wastewater. (BOB, n.d., para. 11) There are many people in the United States that think the same thing when it comes to fracking. When Americans were asked to explain the surge of the earthquakes many of them said that the cause was fracking. (Petit, 2015, p. 15) The industries that are using hydraulic fracking are trying to take the necessary precautions when it comes to facking and the disposal of the wastewater. Furthermore,
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