Seismic Behavior Of Steel Frame Building

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Comparative studies on seismic behavior of steel frame building: An experimental approach Jaykumar Bavarva1, Prof. Merool Vakil2 (1 Student, M.Tech Civil Engg., Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India 2 Asst. Prof., Institute of Research & Development, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India) Abstract: This study aimed to compare the seismic behaviour of different bracing systems in 10th time smaller real prototype steel building model. The uniaxial shake table experiment was carried out to assess the structural performance on different bracing systems in same storey height building (model type-I) and different storey height building (model type- II). Three structural configurations were used: bare frames (BFs), X- braced frames (XBFs) and Diagonal braced frames (DBFs). The effects of some parameters influencing the seismic performance, including the type of the bracing system, the storey height of the were investigated. The results show that the different braced frames performed well in terms of joint displacement and performance point when compared to the simple bare frame frame in steel buildings. It can be concluded with a comparative account of the obtained results, that use of XBF and DBF enhances structural performances. DBF shows highly effective and economical because of it consume lesser material and give effective result. Key words Shake table, Concentric bracing, Steel frame building, Seismic analysis,
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