Seize the Opportunity Essay

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Opportunities come and go and I am here in the University writing my first paper because I have decided to seize the opportunity. My family will be proud and in turn I will be proud as I walk this journey of achievement. While reading this paper, I will lead you on a short narrative of my personal life experiences this far. I will help you to get to know me and understand who I am as a wife, mother and now a college student. Included are examples of adult development theories I have learned over the past few weeks. Growing up I did not understand many things, and in recent years I have realized just how amazing my parents really are, and how fortunate I am to be their daughter. I was raised in a traditional Christian home with my …show more content…
Dad and I spent time on weekends working on a number of projects around the house resulting in restoring, refurbishing or improving our lives. His cleverness, imagination and skillfulness were apparent in all of our projects. My dad would make little fixes to moms household appliances and kitchen area so it would work more efficiently for her.

I spent a lot of time with my mom in the kitchen. She loves baking from scratch and preparing meals from just about any ethnic origin. Many times while vying for attention, I would get right in the middle of a critical cooking procedure while mom and dad were working together, threatening the results of a delightful dish. My mom makes some of the best cookies from scratch. I remember one time when she was making homemade pizzas for dinner and dad always had to have hamburger, onions and jalapeños on his sections. I thought the jalapenos were pickles and when mom turned her back to tend to something, I dunked my hand into the jar, and grabbing one very quickly, I stuffed it into my mouth. Oh wow, was that ever a mistake! My whole mouth was instantly on fire. I cried and drank lots of milk to take away the pain. It seemed no matter how much I drank, my mouth still burned. My mom had told me not to touch the jalapenos, but I did not listen.

My parents would always offer their advice and I did not always listen, even though I did not necessarily listen they have always
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