Seizures : Primary Generalized Seizures And Partial Seizures

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1) Seizures are described into two major groups of seizures: primary generalized seizures and partial seizures. The main difference between both of these seizures is how it begins. Partial seizures begin in one area of the brain and affect the part of the body being controlled by that area of that brain. Generalized seizures affect the whole area of the brain and occur at the same time. They begin and spread rapidly making it impossible to identify the origin. Partial seizures are divided into two categories: simple partial seizures and complex partial seizures. In a simple partial seizure, a small part of one of the lobes of the brain may de damaged. The person affected by a simple partial seizure won’t lose consciousness, and will undergo this type of seizure for about one minute or less. In generalized seizures, abnormal neuronal activity quickly arises on both parts of the brain. These type seizures may cause loss of consciousness, falls, or a muscle’s massive contractions. Complications may occur in seizures. In partial seizures, complications may occur if they don’t respond appropriately to treatments. Partial seizures may develop into repeating seizures. Instead of only affecting a part of the brain, it will now spread to other areas of the brain. The seizure will start in the area where the electrical discharges originally began, and then spread through other parts of the body. Since the discharge of electricity has spread to the other side of the brain, the

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