Sej Overview. Sej President Kazuki Furuya Has Worked Vigorously

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SEJ Overview SEJ President Kazuki Furuya has worked vigorously with SEJ past president Ryuichi Isaka to realize his “close-by and convenient” concept. According to Seven and i Holding corporation annual review of operations for 2016, he plans to actualize this concept by manipulating location, products, and services. Particularly, the introduction of Omni-Channel Strategy and Seven Premium have been absolutely instrumental to SEJ and Seven and i holding Co., Ltd. success. Seven Premium products are of higher quality than traditional convenience store products, but comes at a slightly higher price. SEJ conducted research on customers opinion through the “Premium Life Enhancement Committee”, as well as surveying customers via phone and…show more content…
For example, SEJ noticed a recent health boom in Japan, causing more japanese to target wholesome and calorie-efficient foods. Previously, nuts have been placed near alcoholic beverages and delicacies. However, when SEJ simply moved its location next to more healthier food options such as yogurt and cereal, sales improved exponentially. The company benefited both parties involved-the consumer and firm-due to attentiveness and care for the consumer. SWOT Analysis As SEJ continues to grow worldwide, it is critical for the company to reach out all across Southeast Asia. Building a network around Japan arises many opportunity for all the stores. As of 2016, they have not established any stores at Vietnam. They are currently planning to open in Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam. “Seven & I Holdings plans to have 100 stores in the first three years and 1,000 after a decade” (Do 2016). To draw out the gameplan for this business, we must analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, and threats. The first strength in this company can be recognized by its strong branding. 7-Eleven upholds a strong brand with its highly visible green “7” sign with orange, yellow, and red lines, allowing itself to transparent to people from far away (Paradise 2014). With 61,554 stores located globally, and more than 48,000 of the across Asia as of December 2016, dense cities would have multiple

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