Sek-Lung In Canada

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As Grandmama promises to send the family a sign of her leaving, a clear message that her life ended well. Father believes that without a clear sign, the family fortunes could be “altered, threatened”. Both Father and Step Mother search anxiously for the sign. The older children in the family are embarrassed by their parent’s behavior and, “What would all the white people in Vancouver think of us? We were Canadians now, Chinese-Canadians, a hyphenated reality that my parents could never accept.” It shows that Sek-Lung’s family, especially his older brothers and sister, were trying to fit in with the “white people” in Vancouver. They struggled to find their place in Canada. Furthermore, Sek-Lung and Grandmama look through trash to find glass and gems wo make their wind chime. The exception of Sek-lung all the children are embarrassed of their grandmother’s habits of searching supplies to make her wind…show more content…
They are afraid, that the “Canadians” will assume that they are poor. in the poor village in china in which grandmamma grew up, searching through the garbage was acceptable, but in Canadian it is frowned upon. Therefore, Choy identifies that these two generations have different perspectives about Chinese culture, and fails to grasp important information about the norms and cultural views. While the children attempted to fit in, their father and stepmother were determined to hold on to their Chinese roots. It shows that as the younger generations, integrate into the American culture, individuals move forward, and the definitions of “Chinese” as older generation alters, for younger generations. It also portrays that the older generations politically need to adapt need to adopt with the “Canadians”, because as time progresses, identities culture and traditional perspectives will begin to change with the Chinese-Canadian culture. It demonstrates that culture will have to integrate into an Canadian society in order to be inclusive
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