Select Two Leadership Strategies And Theories

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Leadership paper COVER padge For the paper, you are to select two leadership strategies/theories/models to compare and contrast as to why they would or would not be representative of effective leadership in the face of organizational change Opening para about leadership “Leadership- The process of influencing others to accomplish a mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation.”- FM 22-100 Leadership is a dynamic process that calls for constant adaptation in order to be effective. Many great leaders have many noble things to say about the art of leadership, but the truth is that leadership is unique to different people. Of course there are some commonalties that apply to most; however it is most effective to experience each unique situation for one’s self. For me, I believe that I have to use different techniques for different people and another level of complexity for different situations. For example, under direct fire in a combat situation, I might use a direct style of leadership and that would work for most people. However, while back in the U.S. were we are safe and doing normal daily things the best method might be evocative for the same individual. So we see that constant learning and change is fundamental with leadership. Lastly, I think the most difficult part of leadership is the understanding that sometimes individuals simply refuse to be led by others. A good leader will never emit defeat and continue to strive to work with a subordinate.
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