Selected Advanced Vocabulary for Ielts Writing

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Selected Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS Writing 一、教育类 1.adapt oneself to the development of使自己适应…的发展 2.scope of knowledge知识面 3.narrow the gap between缩小了…的鸿沟 4.lighten the burden of减轻了…的负担 5.comprehensive knowledge广博的知识 6.long-distance education远程教育 7.enrich the teaching method丰富教育手段 8. teaching methodology教学方法 9. schooling学校教育 10. upbringing、parenting、upbringing家庭教育 11. instill high moral values(注意:value用作复数表示价值观)灌输高尚的道德观 12.impart\inculcate knowledge传授知识 13.multi-media teaching多媒体教学 14.solid professional working experience扎实的职业工作经验 15.vocational education职业教育 16.down-to-earth, practical切合实际的 17.stress-related illness与压力有关的疾病 18.enjoy equal rights享有平等权利 19.receive education接受教育 20.thought-provoking引人深思的…show more content…
push back/expand one’s vision/ horizons开阔眼界 13.promote cultural communication促进文化交流 14.draw/attract/appeal to/ be a magnet for sb.吸引 15.first-hand experience亲身体验 second-hand experience/vicarious experience间接体验 16.multi-sensory多种感官体验的 17.conflict冲突 18.discord/dissension争端 19.isolate the tourist from the locals把游客和当地人隔离

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