Selecting A Business For Interview For This Project Came Super Easy For Me

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Selecting a business to interview for this project came super easy for me. My whole life I have been working in a restaurant back home. It used to be owned by my dad, but then he sold it to Katie Blazei and I worked for her. This restaurant isn’t a very big establishment at all. It is what some people might say a “Mom and Pop” restaurant. The name of this restaurant is B-Lazy Diner. It is a playful spin on Katie, the owner’s last name which is Blazei. It is a fast food restaurant. If I had to compare it to another restaurant I would say it is a lot like a Culvers. It sells all kinds of delicious food from burgers to chicken to fish to every kind of deep fried side dish you can think of. But one of my favorite things that they sell there is their homemade custard. They have a different special custard that they sell every day and it is so good. They have limited seating inside of the diner and not too many seats outside; so many customers come through the drive through and call in their order ahead of time. So I figured, I have been working there for so long, maybe it’s finally time I find out exactly how they make this business so successful. I thought who better to interview than the owner herself. So I sat down with Katie Blazei and finally found out what she was doing to make her business run so smoothly. Katie can be contacted from her phone; and her phone number is 262-895-3233. Next I will describe this organization’s business. It all starts with taking the order.
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