Selecting A Computerized Pmis ( Project Management Information System

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UNIT VII ESSAY George Nour Columbia Southern University Dr. Antonio Tovar MBA 6931 Project Management Strategy and Tactic 11/4/2014 Selecting a Computerized PMIS (Project Management Information System) The software industry offers many packages and online tools that allow project control and management. Many market offerings are related to the industry for which it is intended. To make a rational, well-informed selection that can really benefit the organization, we need to establish the selection criteria and the characteristics used to evaluate it, and then asses the features suitable for the type of business the organization is enrolled in. Real projects are often extremely large, with hundreds of tasks and thousands of work…show more content…
- Customizability: The system needs to be able to adapt to any type of operation. This can be done by allowing the PM to rename to re-structure the project activities and re-label certain tasks, team names, resources, terms, folders, and so on. - Expandability: The system needs to be able to grow with the organization and at the same time handle a large or unlimited number of concurrent projects. The system also needs to be able to visually and logically separate between projects while allowing the PM to draw from a global or a customized pool of resources. - Reliability and security: The system needs to be accessible at any time by any team member. It also needs to provide a high level of security that guards the organizational data and all relevant information about its projects and activities. - Scheduling: The system needs to support Gantt charts and automatic cost recalculation which updates times, costs, and resources. The software should also be able to display AON or AOA networks and plots of earliest start, scheduled start, slack/float, latest finish, planned finish, and actual finish times. Naturally, the tool should allow creating activities and tasks, assigning resources or individuals, setting deadlines, and drafting timeline diagrams of concurrent tasks/projects. The system should also allow forming teams, groups, and allow

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