Selecting Patient Escorts Essay

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Summary City Hospital is known for treating renowned patients such as pro football players, movie stars, top executives, etc. Thus the hospital wants to strive and maintain their image through outstanding customer service and conduct. City hospital offers individuals an employment position within the organization as a patient escort. Patient escorts are simply needed to move patients from one place to another. Lately, the hospital has experienced an increase of patient escort complaints from its patients. While the job is a simple one the position is critical to the reputation of the hospital, since the escort is the last person patients see before they are discharged from the hospital. There are 40 patient escorts. However, turnover…show more content…
Whether providing detailed jobs descriptions, administering aptitude test or through rigorous training these companies seek to hire well rounded employees that not only perform well in some areas but in all. As the first and most basic practice in finding great candidates, starting with a detailed jobs descriptions make the most sense. A job description consists of three important parts; a brief summary of duties and responsibilities, requirements for consideration for the position and befits provided, these give the applicant a basic idea of what this particular establishment is seeking in a new hire therefore filtering the first wave a potential applicants before any resumes are submitted. For example, a short job description of duties and daily tasks of a tax accountant will would read as such, “Job description: Detailed oriented diligent worker that who has a proficient degree of computer literacy, doest mind working over 40 hours during tax season and a passion for numbers. Requirements: bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in accountancy in addition to four continuous years in corporate tax accounting. Benefits: starting salary-$50,000, three weeks paid vacation and full medical coverage within two weeks of employment.” This detailed and concise description does the job by informing interested applicants on what’s expected. Secondly, aptitude and personality testing are great ways to gauge possible employee’s skills and temperaments

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