Selecting Stallions for Breeding

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Efficient and effective breeding is dependent on the performance of the Stallion and the mare. Adequate knowledge of the Stallion anatomy keeps one at good point to make good decision on selecting Stallion that will perform above average (Graffin, 2000, Morris & Allen, 2002)
The records of the history of Stallion is a basic tool to understanding the past of the stallion and that makes it easier to evaluate its present. It should be an eye opener to the accurate age, breed type, sexual experience, rearing practices, production rate, mating ability, health records, treatments, past body condition, tests and environmental condition. (Hickman, 1984).
Body conformation is a heritable trait of a stallion by its offspring (Saastamoinen and Barrey, 2000).The physical condition should be at good rating, the stallion should have a good limb conformation and should be free from all bone and locomotion defects. Dolwik and Klemetsdal (1999) reported that body scoring condition of a stallion averagely 3, but a stallion that is consistently used for covering can be raised above 4 so that it does not become emaciated after the breeding season. Stallion with low score are found with have low libido and are not capable to withstand breeding pressure. Obese stallion are usually lazy and are at higher risk of having insulin resistance and laminitis (Hoffman et al., 2003) and respiratory problems (Webb et al. 1989. Increase fat level could be detrimental to sperm production because of elevated
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