Selecting The Appropriate Research Methods

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3. Methodology When selecting the appropriate research methods, it was important for me to carefully consider the approaches that would best fit my research in order to reach meaningful conclusions. I decided to choose approaches that I see fit around my research topic and would ensure I achieve the results to come out of my research. As (Walker, 1985, p.46) advocates that “Just as recipes are not simply things that are done to food, but become concepts within which method and substance are compounded. Methods in research can become an intrinsic part of the project. The methods we choose are, in this sense, there to be tested, just as much as the substantive hypothesis”. This claims that the methods that are chosen to embark on an area of research are a vital part of the project and need to be taken into account just as much as the question that the methods are used to answer it. Therefore, the two approaches I chose to shape my research were a case study and appreciative inquiry to allow me to collect the data I had selected which was the following; questionnaires, interviews and observations.

3.1 Case Study
I have chosen to approach my research by using a case study approach which builds up a rich picture of a case using different kinds of data collection and gathering the views, perceptions and ideas of diverse individuals relating to the case. (Yin, 2009, p.15) states “The case study method is most likely to be appropriate for ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions”. This supports
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