Selecting The Right Candidate For A Position

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Selecting the right candidate for a position is critical for any organization. In today’s job market there is a high demand from employers and the occupational background is repetitively changing. Employers seek individuals who are the most qualified for the position, so it is very important that your skills, knowledge, abilities and past experience go hand in hand with the required qualifications for the job for which individuals apply for. A job description is a brief summary that identifies characteristics of the job to be performed such as task, duties and responsibilities. Without a job description it would be difficult for a candidate to compel to, or be held liable for, a role. In order to get the most qualified candidate for the…show more content…
5. Performs specific support activities. 6. Demonstrates engagement in the work, team, and goals of the Revenue Cycle. 7. Demonstrates the ability to keep calm in a crisis 8. Candidate must know how to operate a computer, fax machine, and printer. Candidate must have the ability to work a printer/copying machine, fax machines and switch board phone system. Minimum requirements for my current position included: 1. Education: High School Graduate or Equivalent. 2. Experience: No experience required. 3. License/Certification: None required. Establishing the right recruitment approach is essential for any organization. Hiring the wrong individual can result in a delay in work being completed, loss in man hours spent recruiting individuals, revenue loss in training the leaving employee, loss money advertising for the new position in classified and revenue loss in background checks, and drug testing. Recruiting is a process where a business needs to employ an individual to fill a vacant position within their organization. The recruiting method can be done internally within the organization or externally by employing individuals outside of the organization. In order to fill the vacant position the hiring manager needs to select the most qualified individual. As it states in chapter 5.1 the goal of the selection process is to identify the best candidate who possess the most influential qualities a job requires and who fit the organizational culture well (Youssef, C.
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