Selecting The Right Employee For The Workplace

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Selecting the Right Employee for the Workplace In today’s competitive healthcare industry, employers must ensure the employees chosen to work within the organization are going to support the mission, vision and values it sets forth. Selecting an appropriate employee can be a challenging task for Human Resources (HR) and nurse managers and, therefore, an organization must have a reliable selection process in place to ensure the best individual is chosen. The purpose of this paper is to outline the employee selection process at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and how it was used to recently fill a Nurse Clinician position. The Selection Process Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre cares for over 1.2 million patients each year and employees over 10,000 people in a wide variety of positions (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, 2015). Comprised of a long-term care facility dedicated to looking after Canada’s war veterans, called the Veterans Centre (VC) and an acute care hospital, Sunnybrook attracts and employs some of the most talented people in healthcare. Nurse managers are responsible for determining when they need to fill a position. When a need is identified, the manager fills out an employee request form outlining the reasons behind the request, such as retirement or maternity leave. The nurse manager submits that form to the Director of Operations for approval. Once approved, the nurse manager submits the form to HR to start the selection process. Sunnybrook posts
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