Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gown Essay

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Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gown

When my mother suggested that we look at wedding gowns two years before the date of my wedding, I laughed. No one browses that far in advance, but since we live on separate coasts this would be her only opportunity to go browsing with me.

Shopping for a wedding gown was new to me. I thought, just like any other store, you go in and try on gowns you like. This idea was wrong. You have to make an appointment. That way, in the store, you have a wedding consultant at your side at all times. I suppose it's to make you feel important. The store I wanted to stop at is about an hour away from my mother's. With my mother and her friend, I met one of my bridesmaids at the store.

I had already looked
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Since the wedding is to be in June, I didn't want anything too hot, so I opted to try on gowns that had a tank or scoop neckline. This type of neckline is a U-shaped neckline that is sleeveless. This also is a style that looks great on everyone.

I am not into embellishments, so beading, pearls, lace and bows were out of the question. I was "okay" with a little embroidery, but still wanted to keep the look of the dress simple, yet elegant.

The second gown I tried on my mother picked out. She thought that was "the one". I didn't think so, but that didn't matter. The gown is ivory. It has a satin A-line style with a tank style neck with caviar beading and banded skirt. The tank straps on the gown are thin straps that scoop down around the neck. The top of the dress has a thin satin ribbon that travels all around the gown's bust line. Above the satin ribbon are small-embroidered flowers and vines. The top of the gown also has small sequins. The remainder of the dress is relatively plain except for two, one-inch thick satin ribbons that go around the dress approximately 18 inches from the floor and six inches apart from each other. Between the ribbons are duplicate designs of what is in the bust area. The back of the dress is plain. It scoops down in the back to match the front neckline, but has no other embellishments. I thought the gown was nice, but it didn't do anything for me. I thought it was too plain.

The next dress I tried on I had picked out myself.

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