Selection And Performance Management Programs

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Selection and Performance Management Selection and performance management programs that are designed for organizations that have expanded their U.S. workplace to other countries must be designed to take in many other considerations that normally wouldn’t make a difference if all the employees were from the same origin. Expatriate employees and their families should be assisted to help with adjusting to their new culture. Performance management and selection programs should be designed to incorporate the differences in ethical and cultural backgrounds that match the employees and or applicants who are overseas. This paper further examines what is necessary for selection and performance management programs for a U.S. based organization that is expanding overseas to China. The goal of selection programs are to capitalize on individual differences in order to select the applicants who possess the greatest amount of particular characteristics that have been assess to be the most important for job success (Cascio & Aquinis, 2011). This goal can be met by utilizing a classical approach to personnel selection. The classical approach to personnel selection starts with the job analysis. From the job analysis sensitive, relevant and reliable criteria are selected on a basis of importance to describe the job specifications that represent knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) that potential applicants are desired to have for the job (Cascio & Aquinis, 2011).
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