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Selection /Rational: Based on my observation, and the previous assessments that I have done with Lisa, I am curious to know her level of knowledge in vocabulary. Therefore, I had used five words from Google It passage/ Bader reading inventories in order to asses her ability of using contextual & conceptual knowledge to determine the definition of new words (Gunning p.339). Since Lisa enjoyed the experience of ordering stuff online and shared that with me when I was assessing her on comprehension /cultural relevant – Sitti’s secrets story, she told me that she ordered a bracelet for her grandma online, surely with her mom’s assistance. Therefore, I found that “Google It” just exactly perfect for her. (Gunning p.339) stated: “knowing a word is not just being able to state a definition, it means being able to do things with it.” In addition, I proctored with Lisa Critchlow Verbal Language Scale to identify her ability in relating between familiar and unfamiliar terms. Besides, I want to assess her knowledge in words and the words’ antonyms. As well as I was interested to know her vocabulary level and to find out if there is a discrepancy between her reading level and her vocabulary level. Results Before I started with Lisa the vocabulary assessment, I ask her what does vocabulary means. She smiled and said “like words, play with words, play with sight words and turn them into words, spell them, and sight words game.” Then, I told Lisa that I will read a story about a subject
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