Selection And Recruitment At The University Of Minnesota

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Selection and recruitment was limited to participants enrolled in PSY 2001, Research Methods in Psychology instructed by Professor Cheryl Stewart. Students who arrived to the course at 2:00pm on Tuesday November 18th were rendered participants of the “Charitable Giving Study.” Students were informed by the course instructor at the beginning of the course as well as the weeks prior to this date that the students will be participating in studies of their peers. Additional recruitment for supplementary participants was not needed, as this study was strictly conducted within the course. Fourteen participants consisting of three males and eleven females were involved in the “Charitable Giving Study”. Subjects are students studying at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Due to the lack of need of personal information and the sustainment of privacy, participants were asked to not submit any personal material verbally or on their questionnaire. Fourteen participants were all placed in a single experimental condition where three age based video clips were presented followed by filling out a questionnaire. Upon completion of the study, no participants dropped out, collected their own data, or requested that their data should not be used. Materials Compositional materials include video clips and charity information. Foundation information was located and synthesized from each charity’s website; “Starlight Children’s Foundation” (, “Dream Foundation”
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