Selection And Recruitment Process British Airways

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In this task, I am going to compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process British Airways. I am going to explain the purpose of each of the four documents which are: job advert, job description, person specification, application form and the questions of interviewer and interviewee used within the selection process of British Airways. Furthermore, I will explain the purpose of the different types of information that I have completed documents will provide for the interview. Also, I will draw the comparisons between the purposes of appropriate documents in term of similarities and differences between them. On the other hand, I will evaluate the usefulness of the documents in the interview pack for British Airways, in facilitating the interview process. In addition, I will make suitable judgement and recommendations based on how could these documents can be useful, if changed. Also, I will give my own opinions on how these documents contribute to the organisation, management and conduct of the interview and the process of making a selection decisions. The purpose of Job description is when the business provides information to their employees about what the job involves by outlining responsibilities and duties the person have to carry out. The information you would find in the job description is the title of the job, departments and location, broad term, responsible of whom, responsibilities, scope of post, education and

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