Selection Criteria for International Assignment

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Selection criteria for International staffing Final selection of candidates out of the short-listed names needs to be made with care. Several studies have been conducted to identify the requisites a foreign assignee should possess, if he or she were to be successful as an expat. One such study was made by Tung in 1981. After an extensive review of literature on the selection of expats, the researcher identified eighteen variables and grouped them into four categories: technical competence, relational skills, ability to cope with variables and family situation. Technical Competence:- Technical skills are of paramount importance to perform successfully in his or her job. This is particularly true in an expat who is located away from the…show more content…
Criteria for Expat Selection CATEGORIES OF ATTRIBUTES OF EXPATRIATE SUCCESS JOB FACTOR | RELATIONAL DIMENSION | MOTIVATIONAL STATE | FAMILY SITUATION | LANGUAGE SKILLS | Technical skills | Tolerance for ambiguity | Belief in the mission | Willingness of spouse to live abroad | Host country language | Familiarity with host country and headquarters operation | Behavioural flexibility | Congruence with career path | Adaptive and supportive spouse | Non-verbal communication | Managerial skills | Non-judgementalism | Interest in overseas experience | Stable marriage | | Administrative competence | Cultural empathy and low ethnocentrism Interpersonal skills | Interest in specific host country culture Willingness to acquire new patterns of behaviourand attitudes | | | A more recent and integrated model is proposed by Ronen’s model which is based on Tung’s findings. It incorporates five kinds of predictors for a successful
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