Selection Interaction Of Selection And Selection

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• Selection Interaction
The last threat to internal validity is ‘selection interaction’. It is the interaction of the other threats with the selection threat. The most common of these threats is the interaction of selection threat with maturation. This combination of selection-maturation threat is concerned with different rates of growth between the two groups between the pre and post test (Slack and Draugalis, 2001).
External Validity
External validity can be defined as the ability of a research design to generalize and provide results that shows that an effect that has been seen at the end of one research setting would be obtained in the other research setting as well even at different times, with different research participants and different research procedures. (Albert)
For example a researcher finds out that a certain diet may lower the chances of coronary heart diseases in the research participants. The researcher will than generalize this result to the whole of community, stating that a certain diet will lower the chances in all the patients at high risk.
Threat to External Validity
When you are unable to make an explanation to a research resulting in making a wrong generalization, it is termed as a threat to external validity. For instance, when a research is conducted on a particular community on their food habits, the results cannot be generalized to a different community as they may have difference in the availability of foods, concepts and cultures. There are
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