Selection Methodology For Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

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Advanced Secondary Recovery PNGE 633 Term Paper: Selection Methodology for Enhanced -Oil -Recovery Methods Mohamed Elsaig 10/18/2016 1. Overview The paper introduces how selecting a methodology for enhanced oil recovery methods depends on good planning includes selecting the applicable EOR process, Characterizing the reservoir, defining parameters of the engineering design, accomplish field tests as needed , studying economic, and completing with a plan to achieve the project expectations. However this paper focus on non-thermal EOR methods and starts with a description of the EOR methods and explain their differences, then followed with explanation of how each method work to improve displacement efficiency ,after that screening criteria for enhanced oil recovery methods, and systematic decision analysis approach for selecting an alternative to improve reservoir recovery efficiency. 2. Introduction Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes include all methods that use external sources of energy and/or materials to recover oil that cannot be produced, economically by conventional means. While, Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) that covers all processes to improve oil recovery, ranging from hot-oiling, horizontal wells, to in-situ combustion (Hite, 2004).Therefore EOR process categorize to two main categories as it show in Figure 1: 1. Non-Thermal methods: A. Waterflooding B. Chemical methods: Polymer, surfactant, caustic, and micellar/polymer flooding. C. Miscible
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