Selection Process For The Candidates

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Selection Process
The selection process for the candidates will consist of four stages that will help to narrow down the pool of applicants to find the best candidate for the positions. The four stages will include the preliminary interview, the selection test, the employment interview and the reference checks. Through this process, the knowledge, skills, attitude, competence and fit with the organization will be assessed reasonably.
According to Lussier and Kimball (2014), the preliminary or screening interview is an effective way of identifying promising candidates and save time for the recruiter in later stages. The screening interview may be conducted online to save further time. Candidates who pass the screening test will be required to take a selection test. This will test the knowledge and skills of the candidates and enable the competent candidates to appear before the interview panel. According to Lussier and Kimball (2014), the employment interview is the most important stage of the selection process where the interpersonal skills, confidence as well as attitude may be assessed. Finally, the references provided by the shortlisted candidates are contacted to assess their work attitude. This helps to avoid poor hiring decisions by the organization.
There are a variety of employee selection tests that may be purchased. These range from personality tests and physical ability tests to assessment centers and job knowledge tests (Evers et al., 2009). Keeping in mind the…
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