Selection Process : Selecting A Group Of Candidates

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The Selection Process The selection process starts when an organization begins the recruiting process. Recruitment and selection are a vital role in attracting and retaining high-performing employees which the organization requires to achieve its strategic objectives (Jallah, Habib, & Turay, 2015; Afroze, 2016; Kumari, 2012). Selection is a process of shortlisting a group of candidates who are the best-qualified for a particular job (Lussier & Hendon, 2016; Jalloh, Habib, & Turay, 2015; Marquis & Huston, 2015). A crucial management task is choosing the best-qualified candidates to proceed through the selection process (Lussier & Hendon, 2016). Throughout the process, management must focus on the personality job-fit, ability job-fit, and person-organization job-fit, along with aligning cultural and value of the organization and the candidate (Lussier & Hendon, 2016; Afroze, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to look at the selection process, identify team members involved, and to analyze the effectiveness of the process. As well, a current job opening will be reviewed for the skills needed, the type of “fit” that would be appropriate, and whether the job description has clarity which matches the position requirements. Steps in the Selection Process and Identified Team Members Finding the right candidate and matching them to the appropriate job in one of the most challenging tasks of an organization (Jalloh, Habib, & Turay, 2015). It is important for the nurse
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