Selection Tools for Hiring

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Selection Tools for Hiring HRM 240 January 20, 2008 Executive Summary This paper will review and outline the selection tools for a hiring program to hire a project manager for our firm. The selection process that businesses go through is probably one of the most important steps to ensure that the right people are placed in the right job that best utilizes there skill sets for a particular job. Getting the best individuals for the job will help ensure the business has the best chance for success opposed to spending time and resources fixing problems with individuals that make have not been the best fit for a position. Better selections research and planning will contribute to the organization with better performing employees and…show more content…
Below is a quick outline to the process:  Predetermining the selection criteria  Using a team or panel for the interviewers  Following the interview guide  Using a quantitative scale to evaluate candidates  Completing all background checks before making the selection Below is a list of compiled questions that would be asked in the project manager interview process for the project manager position. 1. In your past or current job can you provide us with some examples of doing more than what was expected of you? 2. Tell us about a time when felt it was necessary to change the way you did your job. 3. Sometime or another everyone has had their work criticized or rejected. Tell us about a time this has happened to you. 4. How many instances of absenteeism and tardiness have you had in the last year and what were the reasons. 5. Tell us a time when you were asked to compromise your principles or ethical standards 6. Give us an example of when there was a time when things weren’t working and you seemed to reach a dead end. 7. Have you ever been in a situation where you had too much to do and not enough time to do everything? 8. Describe a time in the last year when you have had a serious disagreement with a co-worker, boss, or friend. 9. What has been the most difficult job related learning situation for you. 10. Tell us a time when you delegated a task and it turned out badly. 11. In your current job, how do you keep track of what work
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