Selection and Implementation of an Enterprise Maturity Model for Companies in Pakistan

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Abstract – This paper tries to determine the possible options as enterprise maturity models for software houses in Pakistan. Some characteristics of small Pakistani software houses are provided which affect implementation of a maturity model. Some possible problems are identified in the implementation of the best maturity model and some solutions are also provided.

In last 15 years, information technology has developed at an outstanding rate throughput the world including Pakistan. This development of information technology also requires the development and use of large and complex software solutions. These solutions are provided by different software houses found mostly in the developing countries. Due to the
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In this paper we will consider the small companies, having 1 to 25 employees.
Enterprises that have obtained ISO-9000/CMM/CMMI certifications are mainly large and medium-sized ones, but around 90% of Pakistan's software enterprises are small-sized ones with less than 25 staff [1]. The characteristics of these small-sized companies can be compared with their Chinese counterparts that possess these characteristics: Firstly, small-scale, creative, and flexible; Secondly, most persons are the so called all-rounders. Most of them are technology developers who become managers giving some attention to management. They include team leads and project managers. They do coding, ‘manage’ projects or products life cycle and junior developers. Not only but also they are supposed to test the products as well. In this way experienced and specialized management staffs are rare. Thirdly, it is easy to communicate between staffs, but the degree of documentation is not enough and the projects’ supervisions and requirements are mainly made through communication. Most of the time they follow agile SDLC methodology and client has to keep in direct contact with the developer. Fourthly, quality awareness is weak. Most persons pay attention to the function of products rather than quality and
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