Selective Breeding And Gene Therapy Essay

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Humans have been able to use the principles of DNA replication, gene transfer and gene expression (as observed in nature) as tools to manipulate specific genes towards preferred outcomes. An advantage of being able to manipulate genetic therapy is the ability to eliminate/cure genetic disease/disorders with otherwise no other cure. Humans are able to remove the genes causing the genetic disorder from the gene pool of populations, allowing organisms to live longer and healthier lives. Two ways of manipulating genetic transfer which will be explored further in this report are selective breeding and gene therapy.

The human race has been manipulating genetic transfer for over 10 000 years. We have been using the same principle of ‘natural selection’ (selection by the environment for the fittest) to develop artificial selection also known as selective breeding (selection by humans for the fittest.).
Selective breeding in animals and plants is still carried out by both commercial and hobby breeders/growers. Selective breeding allows you to be able to breed/grow the exact animal/plant you want, so they can serve the purpose you want them to. Selective breeding can be used to minimise the impacts and/or treat genetic disease.
I have chosen to do a case study on cattle about the genetic disorder, Osteopetrosis (marble bone disease). This disease causes overly dense but brittle bones that shatter easily. If a calf is born with this disease have deformed skulls with receding lower…
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