Selective Service Essay

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Females should in fact be obligated to register with the Selective Service. Not only are more men stepping up and caring for their families, but women are fighting for their rights to be equal to men, and also are equipped to live the military lifestyle. Both sexes being required to sign up for the draft seems like a perfect opportunity for men and women to become equals.

As society progresses, it is not only women that are family oriented. In the past, it has been seen as the woman’s ‘job’ to take care of the household and care for the children. With the Selective Service, women did not have to fear being torn from their families to fight for their country. However, in this current generation, women are not always the primary caretakers of their children. Fathers in this generation are becoming more aware and involved in their children lives. In some cases, the fathers even
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If women do in fact wish to be equal to men, women need to be equal to men in every way possible. Women can not fight for only the rights they wish to be equal to. That being said, women will also have to endure some of the negative things that men have mostly been enduring. The Selective Service is a prime example in this. Not all men wish to ship off, and leave everything they know, to serve their country. And although this is a noble act, it is not the lifestyle that everyone chooses.

Females are both mentally and physically fit to join the military, and therefore should not be excluded from the Selective Service. Excluding women from this, is allowing society to think lesser of the abilities of a woman and the woman currently serving in the military. Excluding women from the Selective Service allows society to see women as fragile and emotionally unstable creatures. It also allows society to see that men are the more esteemed sex of the two. Both men and women are not perfect, but they should be held as
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