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Selena Hernandez Sociology 105b Kristin Miller March 5, 2017 The Power of Sex Born this Way? Society, sexuality, and the search for the ‘gay’ gene by Simon Copland discusses the actions people are taking in order to find out how sexuality comes to be. For instance, many are looking at science to find “the” answers. Specifically, a study by Simon Levay who is looking for a possibility of a “gay gene” existing, explained, “small differences in the size of certain cells in the brain could influence sexual orientation in men”(Simon Copland). This is one of many studies and claims scientists have expressed to populations of people believing that there must be a gene out there. People are not searching for this “gay gene” in order to plainly…show more content…
It was a genre with detailed descriptions of people’s sexual life. This was a result of the confessionals in which it went from religious to secular. The third one is looking at sexuality regarding the interests of the state. Sex became the public interest in order for the state to classify sexualities and tracking and policing sex. These all are seen to explain as part of the repressive hypothesis. The repressive hypothesis discusses that because of this repression, we must “free” ourselves from the silence and instead be open to discuss and enjoy sex. Foucault agrees with some points of the repressive hypothesis, but not completely. Foucault did not understand how these examples such as the transformations of sex in our society could be seen as repressed. He believes instead of repression and silencing of the transformations of sex, there is a plethora of conversations being produced. There is not only one power, but also multiple. This is called the productive power. There is not one power, but many. Foucault explains them as capillary. Capillaries, by definition, are the connecting veins in which each thread transmits power around and then power becomes aggregated. Power is not something that is just one person and oppresses another person, it is dispersed and everywhere. The Catholic Church confessionals did not put a silence to sex; it brough’/t a conversation about sexuality. For instance, in

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