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I chose to watch Selena. Overall, the movie was really good. I chose it because it looked like a movie I would watch just for fun. I figured if the movie is good then the paper will be easier for me to write. I have also heard a lot about Selena, so the movie tied the pieces of information I already knew together. I feel like I learned a lot about her relationship with her family. She started out singing with her brother and sister in a band their dad made and named Selena y los Dinos (Selena and the Boys). Her brother, A.B., was the bass player, Selena did the lead vocals, and her sister, Suzette, played the drums. They started out playing at a Mexican restaurant their parents owned. However, they gained attention and developed a fan base from that. Eventually, they begin touring around Texas at State Fairs. Selena grows up and her music and style does too. She meets the love of her life, who also happened to be her guitarist. They get married even though Selena’s father did not allow her to see him. She is later killed by the president of her fan club over a paperwork dispute. Her music career is cut short and she died before she got the chance to make her way into mainstream pop music. I think
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Day to day, I can use this to encourage people to follow their dreams. You never know the impact you have on someone. It can be positive or negative, so I will try my best to make it a positive impact. I also have learned how much words can hurt. The things we say matter to someone else. Even if we do not think twice about what we said, someone else could give up on their dreams because of it. It is important for me to do this because everyone is human, it does not matter what your race is, your sexual orientation is, or your gender preference is everyone deserves the same love, care, and respect. No one is less of a human because of their race and
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