Selena Quintanill A Hero As A Hero

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A hero is a person who is admired for their outstanding achievements, which mine is Selena Quintanilla. Selena had many qualities that show she was an epic hero, such as all the accomplishments she was able to do. Selena Quintanilla embodies the characteristics of an epic hero because she is capable of deeds of great strength and courage because she is a great warrior and because she demonstrates humility.
Selena was a great warrior, she brought many people together with her music. Selena made music in both spanish and english which brought both communities together, “Throughout her career, Selena was not only inspired by Tejano music but created a fusion of musical genres that incorporated other Latin sounds and inevitably won over Latinos across the country,” (“Selena.”) Selena was able to lace both communities together due to her mixed cultural background. Her music was a great way to bring people together. Selena was a very humble person, even at the height of her fame, many people knew Selena was never to proud to laugh at herself. She never felt superior than others, “Her rising fame didn't stop her from shopping at her local Walmart and Pay Less Shoes Source. Even at the peak of her fame, Selena remained living in the lower middle-class neighborhood where she grew up in,”(“Selena”) Selena always knew where she was from and never let her fame get to her.She was very admired for how humble she was even after fame.

She was a very strong woman, because of all the
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