Self-Acceptance In Return To Hayneville By Gregory Orr

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In “Return to Hayneville” by Gregory Orr is taking measure of self-acceptance and accepting the change that happens in a person’s life. There several topics discussed in the text that connect to the author's substance that make it stronger and easier to find what the author is taking measure of. The topics that add to the substance of the text, are joy. Joy in having been given a full life. Another topic is acceptance of your past and not letting it, cut the hope inside you. Lastly a willingness to live and change your life. In “Return to Hayneville” acceptance is one of the few topics that enhance the author's substance. In the text Orr younger self is trying to accept who he is, he is trying to find his place in the world “I longed to be like them, to transcend my confusions and the agonies of my past and be taken up into some noble simplicity beyond change” (2). In this quote, we, see young Orr fight for acceptance; trying to accept who he is. As the story continues we can see Orr finally accepting who he is and his past. Not letting it haunt him anymore “Only, Hayneville wasn’t my end. It was a place where my life could have ended but didn’t, and now, almost half a century later, I stand beside that closed-down, dilapidated jail, laughing” (13). In the end, he let all the terrible things that had happened to him go. In these quotes we can see Orr using Hampl’s method of description, he is very descriptive when he describes the jail and it makes the sentences

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