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Self Analysis
My junior year I was pretty nervous hearing the word college class, worrying that it was going to be harder than any other english class I would of been able to take. But I knew I needed to take the class it would look better on college applications and would get me a better idea how a college class would be, so I would be ready for next year. Something I have learned so far in my English 1101 class, to always read your paper two or three times because you could always miss a mistake that could make or break your grade peer editing is so important. There has been some challenges throughout the semester my biggest thing has been in my papers I have had many run on sentences that I had no idea to fix. If my teacher didn't teach me how to check for it. My papers have improved a lot since I have seen the actual mistakes that I have made because I never had a teacher that peer edited and then showed me how to fix, I never knew how to fix it until now. I plan to improve on my organization in my papers because sometimes I get off track i’ll be talking about something then go straight to a complete different topic. I’m hoping I will improve on that by the end of the year. I plan to improve on many other things in my papers, I know that I have a teacher that will help with my papers.
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I want to improve my structure of my papers being able to have it better organized and putting topics in the appropriate spot so the paper sounds good. To accomplish my goals or to improve I will keep asking my teacher for advice on how to make my essays better and to learn from my mistakes. To change in order to accomplish my goals, try not to procrastinate on my papers and make sure they are good enough to be a college paper. Ask more advice from my professor and see what I need to
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