Self Analysis

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1. One of the first things that I know did not assist me in experiencing success was the fact that I kept avoiding my fears. This made it difficult for me to put across my thinking clearly in many situations and it prevented me from getting actively involved in discussion where my point of view might have played an important role. I came to leave particular tasks until the last moments as the deadline was approaching in spite of the fact that I later observed that I had no problems in completing them effectively. The fact that I sometimes tend to employ too much concentration in learning ideas instead of understanding them also played a significant role in preventing my academic success in the previous semester. I invested most of my resources in trying to accumulate as much information as possible. As I was doing this I became unable to actually understand this information from a practical perspective. My tendency to focus too long on one topic before addressing the next one represented a serious impediment in making it possible for me to provide all teachings with similar attention. This is another reason why I had problems memorizing key aspects of last semester and this experience enabled me to devise a more effective learning strategy. 2. I recently acknowledged that I need to read as much specific information as possible in order to improve my academic experience. This means that I dedicated more of my time during the last four weeks to reading as much as I could
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