Self Analysis: Personal Statement

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I am a philosophical person by nature who tends to think a lot into life and am impatient with myself for not achieving more. At the same time, I have a love-affair with nature. Possibly the two are combined. I believe that these character traits have influenced the subject of the essays that I have chosen to include in my portfolio. See Robert Frost's "the Road less taken" for instance. Each and every time I read it, that poem impacts me in different ways and this last time that I read it, it actually gave me the shivers. "The road less taken""¦ I see two paths in the yellow wood, one over and again trampled on this may well be the path that I have grown up in, my socialization, the path that my parents/ family/ community may wish me to lead. The path that my friends follow. More so, the path that fellow -Americans seem to tread. This path may not only dictate the career that I should lead, but also all norms of '21st century American perspective of 'success', psychological 'health', 'normality'. Achieving success in life has been compared to climbing a mountain. Persist. Persevere with the goal, one step in front of the other, until you make it. But my question: How can I know I am climbing the right mountain. Perhaps this well-trodden path may lead me to disillusionment. Perhaps I should take the other overgrown one through the woods. And this may make me more content, more self-actualized, and happier in this life so that I thrive and achieve my maximum potential. Frost
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