Self-Analysis on Practicing Facilitation Skills and Ethical Principles in Youth Work/Trainings

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Title of the essay: Self-analysis on practicing facilitation skills and ethical principles in youth work/trainings


1. Facilitation Skills

Activity preparation

To ‘facilitate’ means literally to make easier. At the beginning however, group participants needs to see my role as a facilitator more clearly.
I believe that when I have a good performance during activity facilitation it’s because my pre preparation for the activity. It may be a boring and tiring process but it necessary and from crucial importance to pass this step. Because when i study topic of the activity it push me to reflect about it, and carefully understand the activity flowing i wish to implement.
As the student with whom I work group
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I try to listen very careful the group reflection and whenever i feel that we are going out of the training purpose i react and Direct discussion towards relevant topic.

Keep an open mind:

I stay open to every new thing during the training because i believe that learning is a process and i can always learn something new even from the people that are not trainers. When i go into a training session with that attitude, I find that there can be an amazing two-way flow of information between the trainer and trainees. I enjoy it and try learning from it.


In non formal education things can’t progress in according to previous planning and preparation. I always take care about people mood and when i feel and see that people are not paying attention to the topic i give a break or use some energizer that can be proposed from me or participants. Even if necessarily finish the session before the planed time.
To paraphrase Dwight D. Eisenhower, "Planning is essential, plans are useless". That's the last thing I say to myself when I'm standing in front of a group holding an agenda.


I believe that this method is very important for further development of every trainer. Evaluation information makes me have a clear insight on how participants perceive me or my training methods. Information I gain upon evaluation are the valuable resource for the advancement of

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