Self And Physical Self

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According to, the idea or mental image one has of oneself and one's strengths, weaknesses, status, and self-image is known to be the definition of self-concept. To me, self-concept is deeper than simple things about myself like my name or my favorite color. Also, it is deeper than where I was born and my culture. Basically, it is how I think, act, and present myself as a person. My self-concept is more about my inner self and who I am physically, socially, and personally. My first aspect of myself is my physical self. My physical self comes has its ups and downs when it comes to keeping up with my body. In middle school, I tried out for the cheerleading and track team at my school. Once I made in on both teams, I was constantly active, fit, exercising daily, eating healthy, and drinking enough water almost every day up until my senior year of high school. Over the summer of graduating high school and preparing for college, my physical self went kind of downhill. I stopped exercising, drinking more juices than water and skipped a couple of meals throughout the day. This continued all the way through my freshman year of college. however, my appearance never let me down. I practically look the same now and ho I did back then. I just know I must do better with my health period. My second aspect of myself is my social self. It was easy for me to make friends because of how talkative I was and that was my problem. I used to talk a lot as a student in middle
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