Self Assesment Report

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SELF ASSESSMENT REPORT NAME: MANISH KATARIA (P10556063) DATE: 15/11/10 TUTOR: NEIL SHERIFF TITLE: SELF ASSESSMENT REPORT MODULE: CORP 1520 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS AND CREATIVITY Executive Summary Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. The report explains the meaning of Personal Development planning and its importance in the life of a person. I explored my learning styles using activities done in tutorials. I came to know that I am a reflective learner. Contents List 1.Introduction 2.Self Assessment Analysis 3.Learning Styles 4.Personal…show more content…
References list: INTERNET [online]. (nd) [Accessed 11/11/2010]. Available from: . BOOKS 1. Business Skills Handbook,London by ROY HORN (2009) Appendices 1 | | | | | | | | | | | |Level of confdence |Areas of confidence |Areas to be improved | |SKILL | | | | |Inormation Technology |Quite confident |Basic use of IT, Microsoft Word, Using |Microsoft powerpoint and excel, web |
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