Self Assessment : An Essential Part Of Life

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An essential part of life is how a person assess his or her life and make the necessary changes to better his or life. Self-assessment provides a time of self-reflection to measure growth and to reflect on areas of improvement. Self-assessment also evaluates a student’s cognitive processes and behaviors associated with learning and retaining information. This helps the student understand who they are and empowers he or she to further challenge themselves for success. Challenges create opportunities for students to develop certain task and goals which assist them in using their education to become successful in the workforce. This paper will consist of my self-assessment. I will utilize the Multi-System Life Course (MSLC) and analyze…show more content…
MSLC Self-Description Ecological/System Theories Ecological/System Theory examines the role of systems in society and how they affect a person’s life. Throughout my life, I have been affected by family systems, government systems, state systems and educational systems. These systems have hindered me from progress and they have also promoted progress in my life. My family system growing up consisted of me and my mother. I understood that what my mother said, in our home, was law. This family system promotes independence and hard work (Kihlström, 2012). Although I had a strong family system, the system was still dependent upon other systems to function properly. Life circumstances are influenced by multiple interrelated systems. My mother has worked every day of her life. Federal systems determine minimum wage, which ultimately affects how much my mother earned in wages. Her earnings were used to take care of me and the household needs. If she did not make enough money, that made the family dependent on other systems, such as the state systems. My mother received state assistance in the form of food stamps. This aided help my mother purchase food. Although these systems were set in place to help, I can remember my mother feeling ashamed and embarrassed at times. She felt this way because of the way she was treated by state workers. They made her feel like she was less than or undeserving, because of her life’s
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