Self Assessment And Critical Reflection

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I’ve learned many things through my work experience that will not only provide me with valuable, transferrable, resume skills, but also skills such as character growth due to the challenges I’ve faced in my work positions. Through self-assessment and critical reflection, I can truly appreciate some of the undervalued tools I’ve acquired through my work experience. I’ve learned that character consists of learned behavior, and you can build it throughout your life. The wonderful thing about character is that it is one of the few things in life that no one will ever be able to take away from me. In a society that is driven by results and profits, and less focused on the intrapersonal relationships and character we build in the workplace, I have undervalued the wonderful facets of my character that I developed. Without these character building experiences, I wouldn’t have honed my leadership skills. The values I adhere to: honesty, integrity, and knowledge are reflected through my leadership. I engaged in the entire process of leadership and I’ve developed the kind of personality and character that earns respect, esteem and a good reputation within my work environment.
I may have been unsure of my own abilities at times, but I stepped up to the challenges it brought, made smart decisions to guide and run my team efficiently, all of which brought positive change. By working through the multiple facets of leadership, I am equipped not just with knowledge about…
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