Self Assessment And Reflection On Self Awareness

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Self-Assessment and Reflection Ayofemi C. Cassell Grand Canyon University: UNV-605-0500 Leadership and Organizations 14 January 2015 Self-Assessment and Reflection Self-Awareness, self-concept and emotional intelligence are effective managerial concepts that will result in leadership success. According to Stanford University, having these soft skills are indispensable traits that good managers should develop to be successful leaders. Managers strive to become aware of who they are, what their values, attitudes, skills, and abilities are. These values drive them to achieve and will eventually result in them become more effective. (Showry & Manasa, 2014, p. 15) According to Showry and Manasa, the heart of human behavior in management is being self-aware. A manager must be aware of self, experiences and people’s impact on self. A good leader must understand his or hers own values, beliefs and interior/external motivations. Self-awareness makes a person in a leadership position look at their developmental needs realistically. An effective manager must have an internal sense of self and must be in touch with their values, characteristics, traits, strengths and weaknesses. Finally, to be a good leader one must have determination to shape their life by setting goals and building a team to accomplish these goals over time. Those who do not follow or are tentative about this process remain directionless and an ineffective manager and leader. Leaders should also have a
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