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Winter Survival Excersize

Bianka Solovan
David Chalmers
MHR 405 Sec. 091
12 November 2014 Throughout the group article exercise really did showcase who's personalities were strong and who's personalities were not. Having a strong personality means that you are willing to listen to other people's opinions but will debate on it by logical thinking of how you came across your answer rather than people with not so strong personalities meaning they agree with the group decisions. Through my personality, it will really show how I came across my conclusions, how the group came across their conclusions and how the group is influenced by the decisions made through the online assessments. Throughout each of the personality
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In this category I scored a 7/9 (high), which means I am able to organize important information in to categories that allow me to shift out all the information given to me put the most important ideas first. Showing Interest is described non verbal gestures or little to no verbal confirmations that you are paying attention to the speaker. In this dimension I scored a 2/9 (low) which means that I have a strong tendency to look away for not give any form of communication that I am paying attention or interest in what the speaker is saying. Finally, using the Team Roles Preference Scale goes through four dimensions (encourager, gatekeeper, harmonizer, initiator). An encourager has the tendency to support the ideas of the team members. In this dimension, I scored a 12/15 (Strong preference) which means I do like to acknowledge the fact that the teams ideas are good and on the right track. A gatekeeper is described as someone who encourages all its group members to share their ideas in group discussions. I scored a 10/15 (moderate preference) in this dimension which means that I do like to encourage people to participate their thoughts and ideas in to group discussions. A harmonizer is described as someone who reduces group tension and resolves group conflicts. I scored a 9/15 ( moderate preference) in this dimension which means I do resolve group conflicts but I also try to prevent them from occurring. Reading through the test I was shocked to see the

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