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Self-assessment MBA FP6004
January 21, 2015

Upon completion of the writing skills assessment I received an overall rating Of seven (7). The scoring breakdown rated the following categories:
Focus and Meaning, which I scored a seven (7). Content and Development, which I scored a six (6). Organization, which I scored a six (6). Language Use and Style, which I scored seven (7) and Mechanics and Conventions, which I scored a seven (7). A score of 7 in a ranking system where a score of 6-8 indicates solid writing skills is one (1) away from excellent. My plan to improve my writing skills include the use of Purdue Owl and constant reference to APA formatting. Of course, no plan of performance improvement is complete
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My ultimate goal is to become a Human Resource Director. I have been a successful Human resource manager for a fortune 40 company most of my work career and I am completing my MBA for both my personnel and career development. I have been studying for my SPHR certification since May 2014. The knowledge skills and abilities I am gaining through that venue will contribute to my work success, as well as the completion my MBA degree. I view the completion of my MBA as a milestone achievement in my personal development and a stepping stone achievement in my career goals. I plan to utilize what I learn during my course work study to bring my work skills to the next level. By enhancing my skill set at work I will be able to demonstrate that I am ready and able to move to the next level of advancement in my career path. In the event that I am not given an opportunity to advance to the next level with my present employer the completion of my MBA degree will open the door to other career opportunities with other employers. My ultimate career goal of Human Resources Director is just a few Capella classes away and I can hardly wait to complete my lifelong dream of having an MBA degree. Often times we get sidetracked in obtaining our ultimate goals in life by life itself. That is what happened to me. I completed my bachelor’s degree and then I got caught up in earning a paycheck to provide for my family. I am finally at a point in my life where I can refocus on
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