Self Assessment Of Group Communication

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Self-Assessment of Group Communication
1.) Throughout my nineteen years of life, I have been a member of many small groups. The majority of these groups have been from either sports teams or school projects, and consisted of less than fifteen or twenty members. When I was in high school, I was a member of the baseball, basketball, cross country, and tennis teams. In addition to those small groups, I also volunteered at a local food pantry and had a part time landscaping job with a small company. Now, I am a sophomore in college, and I am still in several small groups. I am on a basketball, football, and softball intramural teams. I am a member of the football tailgate committee for my fraternity, and I also volunteer with others at
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The second norm was that men would typically be the ones that handled meats in the grocery assembly line. No one ever stated that these jobs had to be done by men, it just naturally happened. Another group that I will write more about is the small group for my Intro to Literature presentation. This group’s purpose is to give a fifteen minute presentation on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe. There are four people in the group, so it is very important that each member contributes equally. So far, we have only met a few times, but we have established two rules. These rules are: group members must always arrive at the library at the specified time, and group members must always come with three new ideas to each meeting. I have only noticed a couple of norms so far. The first norm is that group members typically limit cell phone use to minimize distractions. The other norm is that group members are always respectful of others’ ideas. Of course we have had slight disagreements about our presentation, but so far, everyone has been very open-minded to new suggestions.
2.) When I first began to volunteer at the food pantry, things did not run smoothly whatsoever, and there was no cohesion or synergy amongst the group. This was partly due to a lack of policy implementation by the food pantry director. The first couple of weeks I was there, each volunteer was in charge of bagging groceries for entire families as they arrived. In other words, there was no

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