Self-Assessment Of My Writing Skills

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Writing skills are an important part of communication and teachers in training should develop good grammar, spelling and punctuation. The self-assessment of my writing skills was not difficult, because I know I need to improve all of them. As an English learner that I am, it takes longer to write a document not only because of the pre-writing process but, because I have to make sure I am writing my ideas in a way that the reader can understand the correct message. In addition to it, in today’s electronic age, we communicate more often through written words and it makes imperative the use of good writing skills. Furthermore, the way I write can impact the respect people have for me as a teacher in training and future professional. The first English…show more content…
Besides it, my reputation as a professional is important. As a special education teacher in training I want to acquire a good name based on the respect of the parents of my students, colleges and superiors. That respect will be earned only through my professional skills. The profession of a special education teacher requests to write Individualized Educational Plans. An IEP is a legal document where goals and objectives are written and through them an educator makes a deep impact in a child’s life. I have to improve not only grammar, spelling and punctuation but also acquire the technical vocabulary used in special education. Success is made up from a great number of little steps each of them may be seem so small and insignificant to some people, but those steps for me dictate my future. I will do my best to keep improving my writing skills and practice is the only way to do it. I know, prewriting is essential to create a good document. In addition, the proofreading to clarify mistakes is needed too. I am aware of the importance of having good writing skills to produce good IEPs. Practice, and more practice will be the only way to improve my writing
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