Self Assessment Of The Classroom Essay

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Self-Assessment in the Classroom
Self- Assessment is process by which students monitor and evaluate the quality of their thinking and behavior when learning and then identify actions that could potentially improve their understanding and skills. Furthermore, self-assessment occurs when students check the work they’ve accomplished and identify discrepancies between current and desired performance (McMillan & Hearn, 2008). Self-assessments can be used by the student and the teacher; a student would use it as a way to know if they understand the information the teacher taught; the teacher can use self-assessment in order to better the course or teaching techniques. When students self-assess their performance, it is important that we know what techniques to apply and with effectiveness. I will be exploring how students self-assess their work, and how you can encourage better self-assessment technique. This paper will also review studies that relate to self-assessment and what has been done to enhance their use. In all studies used, only English as a first language students and students that are not going through special education were able to participate in the study. This method of assessment can be integrated into various classroom activities as well as traditional assessments. The ability to self-assess one’s learning will encourage independence as a student, where you do not to rely on the criticism of others in order to improve yourself.
It has been common to see
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